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Accuracy & Consistency

Verisleeve provides many benefits highlighted by consistent and accurate grading based on the Verisleeve VSA grading scale. With its highly experienced grading team and market expertise, you can ensure the proper handling and grading of your cards. Perfect for showcasing your collection or ensuring you get top dollar through resale.

Tamper Proof Labeling

One of the most important items to a collector is the verification of their collectible. With Verisleeve's tamper proof labeling system, its impossible for a label to be removed and reused in an effort to deceive a collector. Once a Verisleeve label is removed, the label itself demonstrates a "void" pattern in the background making it unusable. This pattern is easily visually detected and is demonstrated in the above picture.

Even more impressive is our unique label printing process. Our gloss label has the print embedded within it and is created WITHOUT the use of ink. Once seen in person, its clear that no laser or inkjet label could ever pass for a Verisleeve label.

Ultrasonic Encapsulation

Through the use of Ultrasonic sealing in the encapsulation process, this assures you of the security of your card. Its unable to move around within the holder or be removed and re-inserted without damage to the holder.

Low Cost, High Return

Finally there's an affordable service to have all your cards encapsulated. Both off grade and lower value cards can be encapsulated along with your most prized pieces of your collection.


...Verisleeve provides protection, authentication and grading for all your cards at a value that can't be beat. Make the switch today!