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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to become a member to submit an item?

A: No, you do not to join or become a member to submit an item to us. Memberships are free and simply for participating in our set registry.

Q: Why should I use Verisleeve?

A: You should use Verisleeve for its experience and commitment to customer service. Experience leads to consistent and accurate grading, while our commitment to customer service ensures you are happy with the handling of your order at all times.

Q: What makes Verisleeve unique?

A: Our Verisleeve tamper proof labeling system enables encapsulation in a semi-rigid sleeve, saving 10 times the amount of storage space that traditional "hard slabs" take up.

Q: Do you have a collectible registry?

A: YES. The Verisleeve Registry is the most innovative of its kind. Simply log into your free account and manage your inventory of VSA graded cards, we'll do the rest by building your sets and displaying them on the registry automatically. Visit the REGISTRY now and see all the members competing.

Q: Do you have a population report?

A: Yes, we have a population report that is always available, and of course, free of charge!

Q: Do all orders include encapsulation?

A: All items submitted to Verisleeve will be authenticated and graded. They will be inserted into a Verisleeve, labeled with our tamper proof label, registered in our database and available for viewing in the population report.

Q: How do you ship my collectibles back to me?

A: We use UPS for all outbound shipments with signature required. We will not ship any package without a signature required and we do not ship to P.O. Boxes. Please provide a physical street address for all submissions. All packages must carry insurance to and from our office.