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STEP 1: Submission Form

Complete the Verisleeve submission form.
Download Verisleeve Submission Form
  • 1: Complete all required information
  • 2: Select desired service level
  • 3: Calculate Total Cost (Total Cost is # of Cards * Service Level Fee, plus Return Shipping)
  • 4: Enter Payment Information

STEP 2: Packaging Cards

Properly prepare and protect your cards for shipping to ensure that we receive them in the very same condition in which you mailed them.

  • 1: Insert cards into a holder for shipping (we recommend cardsavers, do not use screwdowns!)
  • 2: Secure your cards after placing into holders (we recommend bubble wrap but other packaging will do)


STEP 3: Shipping Your Order

Secure your order in a box for shipping to Verisleeve. Remember to include the following to ensure no delays are encountered during the processing of your order.

  • 1: Include your cards packed as described above (pack in bubble wrap or other secure packaging)
  • 2: Include your completed submission form (include payment or ensure you entered paypal email address)
  • 3: Get excited for your newly graded cards to be returned to you!


...Verisleeve provides protection, authentication and grading for all your cards at a value that can't be beat. Make the switch today!